About Us

Home Care Physicians aims to provide the highest quality physician house call service available in the Metro Detroit area. Every patient of ours is given the utmost respect and quality of care we can possibly provide.

If you or a loved one has been affected by homebound status and needs a visiting doctor to make a house call, Home Care Physicians is always available.

Payment Options

Home Care Physicians patients will have a co-pay, although Medicare and most other insurances will cover the majority of the cost of a visit. Fees are comparable to a doctor's office.

Our doctors do home visits for many medical conditions. A patient does not have to be bedbound or elderly.

What is a physician's assistant?

A physician assistant (PA) works under the supervision of a licensed physician or surgeon. The job of a physician assistant is to practice medicine according to the needs and wishes of a supervising doctor. Therefore, the job duties of a physician assistant may vary depending on a number of factors, including the type of medical practice or facility in which the PA chooses to work.

Physician assistants are trained to provide a range of services, including those that are diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive in nature. However, all services provided by a physician assistant must be under the delegation and supervision of a physician. Under such supervision, physician assistants take and record medical histories, examine, diagnose, and treat patients. They also order diagnostic tests and x-rays, interpreting the results of such tests as instructed. In the United States, physician assistants may also prescribe medications in most jurisdictions.

A physician's assistant may perform suturing tasks, as well as splinting and casting. Physician assistants record progress notes and counsel patients. They also order therapy for patients, often providing the ordered therapy, depending on the needs of the physicians for whom they work. In some cases, they are responsible for ordering medical supplies and equipment. Often, physician assistants have managerial duties in medical offices or facilities as well.

What is a nurse practitioner?

A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse who has achieved an advanced level of education and training. Generally, a nurse practitioner must have at least a Master's degree, as well as a higher level of training in the diagnoses and treatment of a range of common medical conditions and illnesses. Some nurse practitioners seek training in highly specialized areas of medicine as well.

The job of a nurse practitioner is very similar to that of a physician. In fact, nurse practitioners often have working relationships with physicians. Like a physician, a nurse practitioner can perform the duties of a primary health care provider and can offer medical care to patients of all ages. In most states, a nurse practitioner is legally allowed to prescribe medications.

In addition to handling patient medical needs, nurse practitioners also pay close attention to the effects of illness on their patients' families, as well as on their home and work lives. Nurse practitioners typically place a good deal of emphasis on the prevention of illnesses, patient education, and wellness. Since they prioritize prevention and wellness, nurse practitioners generally prescribe medications less often than medical doctors. Furthermore, they are less likely to recommend expensive medical treatments.